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Piranha4 Multispectral

Expand your inspection spectrum

The new Piranha4 quadlinear RGB + NIR / Mono cameras provide industry leading speeds to meet future requirements of higher throughput in multi-spectral imaging applications.

Based on Teledyne DALSA’s unique CMOS linescan technology, the Piranha4 multi-spectral camera delivers superb color plus near-infrared (NIR) fidelity, spectrally independent outputs, all in a compact footprint and with an easy to use interface. New features include multiple regions of interest for data reduction and regional calibration, sub-pixel spatial correction, white balance and color calibration tools.

?More Information:by Teledyne DALSA, published in Photonics Spectra February 2015

Spectrally independent channels

Piranha4's wafer level filters provide clear spectral channel separation. The High speed quadlinear CMOS gives you four spectrally independent channels, exposure control per channel, subpixel spatial and parallax correction, and multiple AOI/ROIs for output/calibration.

Why Multispectral?

  • Combine low-light mono performance with all the additional dimensions of color
  • Reveal detail beyond visible light
  • Spectral signatures define materials 

Multispectral Imaging

Multispectral imaging takes the detection capability of machine vision beyond just color inspection. To learn more, read  by Teledyne DALSA, published in Photonics Spectra February 2015 

Family Specifications

Camera Type Line Scan
Sensor Technology CMOS
Supported Interfaces Camera Link
Spectrum Capability Visible (400-700 nm), Near Infrared (700-1000 nm)
Power Requirement Hirose 6-pin, +12 V to +24 V DC

Camera Models

Model Resolution Spectrum Interface Pixel Size Max Line Rate
Piranha4 Multispectral RGB+NIR 2k, 70 kHz
Part number: P4-CC-02K07N
2048 x 4 Color, NIR Camera Link 14.08 μm 70 kHz
Piranha4 Multispectral 2k, 70 kHz
Part number: P4-CC-02K07Q
2048 x 4 Mono, Color Camera Link 14.08 μm 70 kHz
Piranha4 RGB + NIR / Mono Quadlinear 2k Datasheet

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